Kasigah - The Watcher is the third book in the Kasigah Trilogy.


The Council has defeated gods; survived Witch Hunts. But the betrayal of High Priest Jacob has shaken them to their cores. He's absconded with Jason Caroldi, the auramancer, who seems to have gone mad since his defeat of the gods.


Jacob's purpose is unknown, but his people have divided the Council and imprisoned them in Munich. What is the goal of the Order of the Gray Cross, a people known as the Se'rath, and why do they need Jason?


Will Kasigah and Amber be able to rescue Jason from his madness and the Se'rath, or will his sickness consume him and the Se'rath upend the world they've known since the founding of Atlantis?


Find out in the thrilling conclusion of the Kasigah Trilogy!